Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Botanists wanted for plant surveys

St. Lawrence Islands National Park welcomes botanists to a "working holiday" in May. Join us to survey herbaceous and woody plants in open and fenced plots on Hill Island. About 80% of 4 km^2 Hill island is undeveloped and diverse and harbours several animal and plant species at risk. Forest communities are varied, typified by low wet areas between well-forested ridges. Low wet areas support Acer spp, Juniperus virginiana, Populus spp. and Ulmus americana as well as a wide abundance of herbaceous plants. High dry areas support Fagus grandifolia, Pinus strobus, Tsuga canadensis and Quercus alba. The backbone of the Island supports one of the largest stands of Pinus rigida (pitch pine) in Canada. For decades, hyperabundant deer have overbrowsed this beautiful, diverse landscape but deer management is allowing plants to recover.
Be a part of this recovery by helping survey some of the 40 open and fenced plots distributed on the island. Surveys will take place May 24-28.
If you are able to contribute 1 full day or more, we will take a boat tour of the Thousand Islands to visit sites with rare plants.

Please indicate your interest before March 31, 2010:
Emily Gonzales, PhD
Ecosystem Scientist
Email: Emily.Gonzales@pc.gc.ca
Phone: 613-923-1044
Cell: 613-802-8270

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